App Spotlight: Scan business cards straight to your Salesforce account

In this fast changing world everybody is looking to optimize his/her time. Today I found a great app for ALL sales forces in an organization. “FullConctact Card Reader” is the app where you can just scan a business card, put it into your personal contacts whom are synced automatically with the company exchange environment. I can also put the business card directly into our company system. Now my boss will also be happy that all my contacts are registered and up-to-date.

The app is available on the iTunes store for all the Apple fans but also in the Google Play store for the Android fans. Now everybody is happy 🙂 or maybe not the Microsoft mobile people, sorry guys.


Screenshot 2014-04-25 23.44.52

Read below for more info around the app:

FullContact Card Reader lets you turn that stack of business cards into Salesforce Leads or Contacts or iPhone contacts. Our *human-powered* transcription makes sure you have the contact info you need! You can scan business cards, import them into Salesforce, and get started following up – all with a single click.

With added features like real people transcribing your card, two-sided scanning, Salesforce field-level validation, and real-time status updates, FullContact Card Reader is the fastest, most accurate way to import business cards into Salesforce or your iPhone contacts.


* Convert business cards to Salesforce Leads, Salesforce Contacts, or iPhone contacts
* Scan one-sided and two-sided cards
* Works via your iPhone’s camera
* Card transcriptions by real people ensures accuracy for scanned cards
* View status updates in real-time
* Seamless Salesforce integration (**works with Salesforce Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions**)
* Save contacts to iPhone
* Results automatically exported to Salesforce and your FullContact Address Book

Link for more details: or