Internal competition is killing us …

We are doing it again …. only look to ourselves and forget to look at it as a whole.

On Sunday the 25th of May we had elections in Belgium. The outcome, everybody won; you can’t believe it. The biggest political party normally takes the initiative to form a new government. And then it happened!!! Because of the internal competition we are losing the game.

Nobody sees it but again we won’t be able to form a government that’s making the difference. It almost feels like in a big company. We have 5% marketshare in a certain segment but we are focussing more on the internal competition than on the other 95% available on the market. Sorry to say but that’s the same for our country. Why are we losing so much time creating a new government while …

…   our salary handicap is a real issue to be competitive in the world
…   no international companies are investing in Belgium anymore
…   the last Belgian founded companies are thinking of leaving the country
…   disruptive technology is destroying the way we do business today
…   blue color jobs disappear quickly and white color jobs can’t be filled
…   industries are begging for investments
…   the mobility industry is moving away from oil to electricity
…   the unemployment rate is too high to hold the system
…   Asia is growing & producing faster than we can
…   Europe is struggling to hold his world wide position

Internal competition is killing our country & nobody sees it

So please …. politicians, business leaders, investors, …. open your eyes, let us work & build together a world were we would be proud to give it to our children. Stop looking at each other and let’s start working together by showing great leadership to become  ….. successful ALL TOGETHER.

Thank you, Bjorn