Lancie Disk Default Passwords

Product Username Default Password 2Big Network admin admin Ethernet Big Disk admin admin Ethernet Disk Mini 500GB admin admin Ethernet Disk Mini admin admin Ethernet Disk RAID admin storage Ethernet Disk   admin Ethernet Disk myuser myuser Lacie Ethernet Disk administrator admin

Add Shared Google Apps’ Calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2010

You can subscribe to your or any ‘shared’ calendar posted on Google Calendar. An Internet Calendar Subscription keeps your Outlook copy of your Google Calendar updated. Outlook periodically checks the Google Calendar for updates, and if any are found, they are downloaded to the calendar copy in Outlook 2007.  While Google Calendar is a phenomenal web […]

Setup.rul 380 error while installing Intel Wireless Driver on an Dell Latitude notebook

The error “Setup.rul “380”” Is caused by not having .NET 2.0 or higher installed. This is because the Software that controls the card is trying to be installed with the driver also. But installing only the driver will work as well. In order to fix this issue without installing .NET 2.0 or higher please follow […]