Need for speed 2 drive innovation

Today Telenet announced to invest a half miljard euro in his network over the coming 5 years. “We are investing in additional lanes on our highways, long before they causes traffic jams”, told Telenet CEO John Porter me. John is referring to the continuous increasing demand for capacity due to the success of streaming services like Stevie, Yelo, iTunes, … But also the increasing demand for cloud services; Office365 & OneDrive, Google Apps with Google Drive, …. These additional lanes will give Telenet the ability to increase the capacity for his end user up to 1 gigabit per second.

Yesterday the second biggest mobile provider in Belgium Mobistar also announced to have the best 4G network. Over the coming years Mobistar also keeps investing in speed on his mobile network. I hope Proximus will do the same and what about Base?!?

It’s clear that the today’s world is asking for more capacity, but can you start dreaming about all the innovation we can build on it? Personally I believe that investing in technology is one of the key aspects to keep Belgium as a country competitive against the power what’s coming from the East. So thanks to all telco providers but helping the economy to drive innovation, now it’s up to the service providers to start.


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